It is common for patients of all ages to experience and anxiety and even phobias when visiting the dentist. Children in particular are prone to dental anxiety because they are more sensitive to new environments and may not fully comprehend what is happening. As a parent, you can greatly assist our pediatric dentists in helping your child feel comfortable at Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas.

How can I prepare my child for their first appointment?

Children should start seeing a dentist by their first birthday. Early exposure helps children become accustomed to dental care and protects the first teeth as they appear. You can help your child understand who a dentist is and why they are visiting the office by speaking with them a few days in advance. There are many kid-friendly dental books that provide insight into seeing the dentist.

What language should I use when talking about the dentist?

Positive language is very important. Many cases of dental anxiety are passed down from parent to child. Associating words like “fear,” “pain,” and “needle” with visiting the dentist will cause your child to dread their visit. Using a happy tone and positive wording lets your child know that the dental office is not to be feared.

Do I need to stay with my child throughout the visit?

We recommend that parents remain with their children at all times, even during exams and procedures. Your presence is a comfort to your child. You can also translate your child’s needs and help our pediatric dentists explain the process of the visit. If you appear relaxed and calm, your child will know there is nothing to fear.

How can I help my child look forward to dental visits?

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping kids be excited about dentistry. After your child’s visit, we recommend taking them out for ice cream or a movie as a reward. The positive association of dentistry with something they love will have your child asking when their next appointment is.

At Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas we go above and beyond to help kids feel comfortable at our office. You as the parent can be a great help by leading by example and calming your child’s fears. If you would like to learn more about reducing your child’s dental anxiety in Dallas, Texas, give us a call at 214-378-8868 today.