If you currently visit an excellent general and family dentist you may have never given much thought to finding a pediatric dentist for your child. Does your child need specialized dentistry?

The difference between a family and a pediatric dentist is that family dentists received their training in the general field of dentistry and applied their knowledge and skills to treating patients of all ages. A pediatric dentist received the same level of training, but then spent at least two to three more years studying the needs, treatment options and development of children. A pediatric dentist not only knows how to treat your child’s smile, but also how to interact on their level of understanding and even how to care for kids with special needs.

When you bring your child to Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas, we provide the benefit of three highly trained and experienced pediatric dentists. Drs. Holly, Iwase, and Shah offer a variety of treatment options in a comforting and secure environment that caters solely to the needs of children. Our goal as a team is to:

  • Help children feel comfortable visiting the dentist
  • Promote excellent lifelong dental habits
  • Improve and maintain your child’s oral health
  • Predict dental and jaw development for long-term planning

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Dallas, Texas, we invite you to call Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas at 214-378-8868 and schedule a first visit with Drs. Holly, Shah, and Iwase. We look forward to meeting you!