Do you struggle with teaching your child healthy oral habits? Would you like to learn more about dentistry yourself? Drs. Holly, Iwase and Shah are pleased to provide dental information for adults and children alike. We invite you to click on the topics that are of the most interest to your family:

Effective and enjoyable dental care is a team effort between dentist and patient. In this case, “patient” refers to both parent and child because children may not fully comprehend the need for dental care and require their parents to be involved. You can become a spokesperson for your child’s dental needs by researching the topics above and speaking with your child and our team about oral care.

Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas is committed to helping both children and adults become knowledgeable in pediatric dentistry through online learning materials and thorough dentist-to-patient communication. Our dentists have the training and caring demeanor to communicate effectively with all ages and cognizant levels.

If you have further questions about your child’s dental care in Dallas, Texas, please contact Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas at 214-378-8868 and speak with our team or schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists. We are always happy to help others become experts in their own oral health and the health of their children.